Adi Rozen – Rambam, Israel’s Health Care Campus of the north

Adi Rozen – Rambam, Israel’s Health Care Campus of the north

Maurice Klein speaks with Adi Rozen, operational manager of the Australian Friends of Rambam. Rambam is a 1,100 bed hospital, the major tertiary (referral) medical centre for all of Northern Israel, serving more than 2.5 million residents and others referred from all over Israel. With Rambam’s strategic location near Israel’s volatile borders Rambam is a vital national security resource. Rambam is home to the only Level 1 trauma centre in the North and treats more trauma patients than any other hospital in Israel, with outstanding results. When the Rambam Medical Centre is under threat, the three underground parking levels are converted to an emergency hospital, with the entire facility equipped with emergency care medical equipment to treat acute and trauma-related injuries. Patients who require urgent and life-saving surgery are operated on in four fully-equipped surgical suites within the protected underground hospital as well as in the above ground fourteen fortified operating rooms. Israel’s history has seen wars returning to this region time and time again as we are all well aware right now!! Rambam stands ready and seeks financial support to provide the necessary health care and emergency treatment and must be prepared at all times.  Rambam is also a major medical educational facility. With Israel in a state or war the Australian Friends of Rambam currently has an emergency appeal. To donate go to:

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