Israel-Australia business update

Advanced technology meets market needs

While there isn't a formal free trade agreement in place, both countries actively promote trade and investment.

Israel’s export sector continues to flourish despite regional complexities. Australia remains a key destination, with strong bilateral trade relations fostering a positive environment for business.

While there isn’t a formal free trade agreement in place, both countries actively promote trade and investment. Coupled with Australia’s growing demand for innovative products, this positions Israel’s advanced technology sector to capitalise on this lucrative market. Here are some recent examples of Israeli companies further exploring export opportunities in Australia:

Looking for STEM educational institutes

Globisens: Next generation science data logging – A compact, wireless lab with up to 15 built-in sensors replaces more than 20 traditional pieces of science equipment. With Globisens, every science class becomes an exciting, enriching and inspiring learning experience.

Looking for higher education partnerships and geology faculties

GeoCloud: Cloud-powered geoinformation platform – GeoCloud offers, a global cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that enables users to work with any third-party desktop software through remote desktop technology (RDP) on a pay-per-use basis.

Looking for manufacturers

Massivit 3D Printing Technologies: Rapid, high-volume 3D printing solutions – Massivit 3D Printing Technologies provides fast, large-volume 3D printing solutions to markets including engineering, automotive, marine, visual communications, entertainment, architecture, and others. The company’s solutions enable cost-effective production of full-scale prototypes, moulds, and models, all at exceptional speed.

Looking for commercial real estate owners

SolCold: Solar cooling technology – SolCold developed a patented nano-technological coating that cools everything under the sun. The material uses the sunlight and the sky for cooling and is most effective when it is very hot and the sun is strongest.

Looking for electronics traders

Rampal: International trading home for electronics – Founded in 1995 by Rami Feller, Rampal Cellular Stockmarket (RCS) was a pioneer in the mobile phone trade industry and quickly grew to include other consumer electronics. Shaped over 25 years to generate high-yield results, RCS is the experienced player with vast capabilities to deliver on promises. RCS is the industry leader and trusted partner for business professionals who want to buy, sell and trade stocks of consumer electronics.

Looking to fit out shops/bakeries/pharmacies

Palram 4U: Manufacturer of extruded thermoplastic products – “Our unique selling proposition lies in our innovative use of lighting to enhance product displays and store aesthetics, leading to increased sales and an enhanced shopping experience. In an era of declining brick-and-mortar activity, our approach proves to be a very cost-effective advantage for retailers.”

Looking for swimming pool owners and builders

Haogenplast: Durable swimming pool linings – Haogenplast manufactures extremely durable and aesthetic swimming pool linings. The reinforced aspect of the lining refers to the addition of a reinforcing layer, usually made of polyester or fibreglass, which strengthens the overall structure and improves its ability to withstand pressure and stress. By using a reinforced pool lining, pool owners can enjoy a smoother, more resilient surface that requires less maintenance and provides a longer lifespan for their pool.

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Jeremy Ungar is senior trade officer at the Israel Trade and Economic Commission.

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