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Agricultural necessity is the mother nature of invention

Australia's annual "AgriFutures evokeAG." conference and exhibition is a showcase of the best-in-breed technologies from Australia and around the world.

Photo: Israel Trade Commission.
Photo: Israel Trade Commission.

An old proverb states that necessity is the mother of invention – and there exists no greener illustration of that reality than Israel’s vibrant agriculture technology sector. Big dreams of making the desert bloom through old-fashioned homegrown ingenuity and a collective effort have led to pioneering technologies from drip irrigation to precision agriculture.

Australia’s annual “AgriFutures evokeAG.” conference and exhibition is around the corner, this year in Perth, is a showcase of the best-in-breed technologies from Australia and around the world. This year, the Israel Trade Commission is working with partners to expand the Israeli industry with Australian stakeholders and show what is possible with limited natural resources and lots of technological smarts.

Here are the eight Israeli agtech companies attending evokeAG:


Netafim is a global leader in drip irrigation, helping farmers grow more with less. Imagine tiny water droplets delivered directly to plant roots, saving up to 70 per cent of water compared to traditional methods. This translates to higher yields, better quality crops and reduced costs for farmers. Plus, it conserves precious water and promotes sustainable agriculture.


FieldIn’s platform integrates with a wide range of farm equipment and sensors, which means that growers can use the system with the equipment they already have. The platform also provides growers with access to industry benchmarks and best practices, which can help improve yields and profitability.


(Pezt Technical Solutions Ltd.)

Pezt Technical Solutions Ltd. is an Israeli company specialising in extermination and disinfection equipment and supplies. They offer a wide range of products for both household and industrial use.


CropX is an agricultural analytics company that integrates above-ground datasets with real-time soil data measured by proprietary sensors, to provide a DIY agronomic farm management platform that offers holistic insights across the entire farm, enabling smart irrigation, fertilisation and crop protection.


BeeHero provides growers with a solution to maximise pollination by delivering an unprecedented scope of transparency into bee activity. Pollination of most crops relies on bees, which are suffering high mortality rates. BeeHero addresses this challenge by installing sensors in hives and fields that collect audio and biological data, and leverage proprietary AI and machine-learning analysis to provide crucial information for beekeepers and growers that improves yields and enhances bee health. This gives growers visibility into their fields’ pollination and the ability to measure its effectiveness.


N-Drip is the developer of a gravity micro-irrigation system that utilises existing flood irrigation infrastructure to provide efficient drip irrigation. N-Drip does not rely on external energy, instead making use of the field topography and gravity power to reduce conversion costs and increase operational efficiency with the goal of conserving water and fertiliser while increasing yields. N-Drip received the Overall Award for Excellence in Disruptive Technologies at the Transformational Business Awards.


Bermad develops and produces high-quality hydraulic control valves. The company’s solutions incorporate advanced flow-control technologies and have been used in the irrigation, water works and fire protection industries. Bermad also specialises in air flow control, which plays an important role in controlling liquid flow in pipelines.


“SupPlant offers specialised solutions for optimising water usage and maximising crop yields. SupPlant aims to help farmers globally by saving water while improving crop productivity and yields. They achieve this through precision irrigation, providing personalised recommendations based on individual plant needs. SupPlant’s solution uses sensors placed on plants and their surroundings to collect real-time data.

As always, please reach out if what these companies are doing emanates with your enterprise activities and you would like an introduction.

Jeremy Ungar is senior trade officer at the Israel Trade and Economic Commission.

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