Al-Wahwah rant slammed

Footage has emerged of Hizb ut-Tahrir spiritual leader Ismail al-Wahwah delivering a sermon, stating that 'the only holocaust is the one that [the Jews] claim'.

Ismail al-Wahwah. Photo: AAP Image/Paul Miller
Ismail al-Wahwah. Photo: AAP Image/Paul Miller

ANOTHER tirade against Jews and Israel by Hizb ut-Tahrir spiritual leader Ismail al-Wahwah has surfaced, recorded on the eve of the recent 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

In footage uploaded to a Hizb ut-Tahrir YouTube channel on January 24 and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), al-Wahwah sermonised, “The entire world – the media, the rulers, and the leaders – are flocking to the Jewish entity … They are also going to Poland and Germany, in order to commemorate the so-called Holocaust.”

Al-Wahwah went on to say he didn’t plan to “prove or disprove” the Holocaust or talk about the “dirty political exploitation by these criminals from among the occupying Jews, who exploit this issue … in order to justify their crimes”.

Friday Sermon by Australian Islamic Scholar Ismail Al-Wahwah: The Jews Exaggerate the Holocaust for Dirty Political Exploitation; Islam Will Conquer Rome and Moscow

Friday Sermon by Australian Islamic Scholar Ismail Al-Wahwah: The Jews Exaggerate the Holocaust for Dirty Political Exploitation; Islam Will Conquer Rome and MoscowOn Friday, January 24, 2020, Ismail Al-Wahwah from the Australian chapter of Hizb ut-Tahrir delivered a sermon at an unknown location in Australia. He said that he would like to discuss the commemoration of the “so-called” Jewish Holocaust, which he called a global issue that was “imposed by force” on the “hypocritical world,” but that he has no intention to discuss whether the Holocaust really happened or whether there were really as many victims as it is claimed there were. He said that the criminals who are occupying Palestine use the Holocaust for “dirty political exploitation” and in order justify and draw attention away from their own crimes. He further claimed that the Jews blow the Holocaust out of proportion and lie about it in order to milk the West and accomplish their goals. Furthermore, Al-Wahwah claimed that that the Holocaust and the accusation of antisemitism are used to silence anybody who talks about liberating Palestine or who exposes the crimes of Israel, which he referred to as an illegal and evil state. In addition, Al-Wahwah criticized world media and world leaders, including prominent Shiite and Sunni Muslim leaders, for “flocking” to Israel, Poland, and Germany to commemorate the Holocaust and its victims, and he said: “May Allah take [those Muslim leaders] to the Holocaust!” He bemoaned the fact that the Islamic nation is undergoing its own holocausts in Syria, Iraq, and China and that nobody is allowed to talk about the holocaust against Muslims without being accused of antisemitism for “underestimating” the Jewish holocaust. Al-Wahwah continued to say that it is certain that Islam will ultimately be victorious, that the Islamic nation will be united, that a Caliphate will be established, and that shari’a law will return. He said that Islam will conquer Rome just like the Prophet Muhammad had prophesied, that Palestine will be free, and that Moscow will also be conquered. The sermon was uploaded to HT-Media, a YouTube channel belonging to Hizb ut-Tahrir. For more about Ismail Al-Wahwah, including additional clips and information about his imprisonment in Jordan by Jordan’s General Intelligence Directorate, see MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 7893.See more: https://www.memri.org/tv/ismail-wahwah-hizb-tahrir-australia-imprisoned-jordan-holocaust-imposed-world-silence-israel-crimes-islam-victorious

פורסם על ידי ‏‎The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)‎‏ ב- יום חמישי, 6 בפברואר 2020

“Islam and the Islamic nation are undergoing a holocaust at the hands of the same criminals, but you are not allowed to talk about the holocaust against Muslims,” he said.

“The only holocaust is the one that [the Jews] claim, exaggerate, blow out of proportion, lie about, and milk [the West] over in order to accomplish their goals. Otherwise, you will be accused of being antisemitic.”

He decried high-profile Islamic leaders who “went to Poland to pray for the Holocaust”, saying, “May Allah take you to the Holocaust!”

He also called Israel an “illegal, evil state”.

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies (JBOD) CEO Vic Alhadeff said that by “any reasonable measure”, the reported contents of the sermon “are grossly antisemitic and an appalling confusion of ignorance, bigotry and bizarre conspiracy theories”.

“The disparaging references to Jews and the Holocaust, under cover of an ostensible religious sermon, are utterly disgraceful.

“Such a repulsive and hateful worldview should never be given a public platform,” he said.

Al-Wahwah was arrested in Jordan in July 2018 and given a one-year sentence for inciting against the Hashemite regime.

In 2015, a video emerged in which he called all Jews corrupt and a “hidden evil”, and said, “The ember of jihad against the Jews will continue to burn.”

In another video, he said, “They [Jews] will pay with blood for blood, with tears for tears, and with destruction for destruction.”

It led JBOD to successfully campaign for an overhaul of NSW’s incitement laws after al-Wahwah avoided prosecution.

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