Alhadeff’s appointment

'It's about our national identity and national dignity'

Vic Alhadeff with former premier Gladys Berejiklian. 
Photo: Noel Kessel
Vic Alhadeff with former premier Gladys Berejiklian. Photo: Noel Kessel

FORMER community leader Vic Alhadeff has been elected to the national committee of the Australian Republic Movement (ARM).

Alhadeff is former CEO of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, former chair of Multicultural NSW and former editor of The Australian Jewish News.

“It’s about our national identity and national dignity,” Alhadeff said of the movement.

“The First Nations have been here for 60,000 years and we are one of the most multicultural countries on earth. It’s time that these significant realities are reflected in who we are as a nation, in who our head of state is and in who represents this nation on the world stage. That person should be an Australian.”

Also elected were Craig Foster, Nova Peris, Adam Spencer, Meredith Doig, Tiffany O’Keefe, Marina Go, Byron Fay, Tarang Chawla and Anthony Lay. The new directors come with a wide range of experience, from the corporate, media, union, policy, sporting and advocacy sectors.

ARM CEO Sandy Biar said the election result has brought fresh new energy, experience and diversity that will transform the ARM and the campaign for an Australian republic.

“The campaign for an Australian republic has a once-in-a-generation opportunity over the coming years to lay the foundation for this historic step forward as a nation.

“With these outstanding directors leading the campaign, we’ll have every chance of securing and winning a referendum so that Australia can finally have an Australian Head of State that is chosen by Australians and represents us” said Biar.

Long-time ARM chairman Peter FitzSimons did not re-nominate for election to the national committee, which means a new chairperson will be elected by the members of the committee.

In May 2021, Alhadeff received the Premier’s Award from then-premier Gladys Berejiklian for his contribution to civil society.

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