Alon project's fundraiser

All women have the right to safe births

With surgery, these women can be cured and helped to integrate back into society.

Project Alon women with Dr Devorah Heymann.
Project Alon women with Dr Devorah Heymann.

Melbourne gynaecologist and urogynaecology fellow Dr Devorah Heymann completed her obstetrics and gynaecology training in Israel and is the founder of The Alon Project, (TAP) a not-for-profit initiative that treats women in Uganda who suffer from obstetric fistula and other devastating childbirth injuries.

Now living in Melbourne, she has launched TAP here.

Obstetric fistula is a tragic and demoralising birth complication, affecting the world’s most vulnerable and poor women, leaving them incontinent and consequently ostracised from society and unable to find work.

With surgery, these women can be cured and helped to integrate back into society.

TAP was originally set up in 2021 when Heymann lived in Uganda. She explained, “With COVID there was a rise in the number of fistula cases and a decrease in financial support. I was drawn to helping these women as I have always been an advocate of women’s health and indeed this is why I became a gynaecologist.

“With a mere $500 we can completely give these women back a life of dignity that every human deserves.”

The last mission of TAP was in 2022. Funded by the Israeli government, two surgical missions were set up in Uganda.

From morning to night for two weeks, 58 women suffering severe incontinence from childbirth trauma received operations and were treated at local hospitals.

TAP collaborates with local NGOs and is funded and supported by several national and international organisations, including the Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University (AFTAU) and CareNet Uganda.

Heymann said, “It is important to note that all members of The Alon Project, other than its Ugandan staff, work strictly on a volunteer basis; the administration costs are therefore minimal. Ninety-five per cent of all money donated goes straight towards helping cure these women. We are planning our next two missions later in November this year, again with two surgical camps and this time with a neonatal CPR course running alongside aimed at decreasing preventable infant neonatal deaths.”

TAP is organising a fundraiser event at Trinity Bar in St Kilda on Sunday, June 16, at 3pm with live music from four talented musicians and two stand-up comedians to raise money for the next mission. The goal of $31,000 is needed to cover the costs of the mission including each woman’s transportation, food, medication and equipment costs.

“We would love the community’s support in both coming and donating to help us achieve our fundraising goal. Every woman has the right to a safe birth and a dignified life. Help us give these women the voice and life every woman deserves.”

The fundraising event will take place on Sunday, June 16 at Trinity Bar, 2 Brighton Road, St Kilda, from 3pm. Tickets:

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