Amit Rehak – From 3ZZZ to SBS Radio

Maurice Klein speaks with Amit Rehak, the new presenter of the SBS Radio Hebrew Hour. Heading down-under to Australia in 2005 to study, with a passion for radio and being involved in community radio in Tel Aviv, it didn’t take long for Amit to find himself back on radio airwaves, joining Ruthie Gilmore as a presenter of the 3ZZZ Hebrew hour. Word soon got out about Amit and his talents. Amit then went on to join SBS Radio along with The Shtick TV, crafting his talents as the very accomplished editor of The Shtick TV program. Amit also spent several years as a founding member and volunteer of J-AIR, Melbourne’s Jewish community radio, on the committee of management and presenting the two hour Shabbat Shalom Hebrew and English program, with Maurice joining Amit in 2014 after Operation Protective Edge as co-presenter of the English hour.  Having filled in two, three times a year for Nitza Lowenstein on the SBS Radio Hebrew Hour, and with Nitza retiring, Amit is now the acting executive producer of the SBS Hebrew Hour – most deservedly so. The SBS Radio Hebrew Hour with Amit Rehak is broadcast on Sundays between 11AM -1PM.

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