Antisemitism Surges on Campuses

Students on university campuses are facing unprecedented attacks from anti-Israel elements that have come out in force following the outbreak of Israel’s war in Gaza.

(The Israel Connexion) – Ilan Sinelnikov is the founder and president of the international Students Supporting Israel movement, a speaker, blogger, and a coach on the topics of Israel, campus advocacy, and grassroots activism. (1:02-24:52)

I also covered the Greens idiotic stunt in the Senate when they walked out to protest the Labor Government’s support for Israel in its war against Hamas (24:59-34:12), played a chilling audio clip from a dentist who had the gruesome job of identifying the mutilated bodies of Israelis after the Hamas massacre (34:35-39:04) and caught a media briefing on Israel’s strategy going forward in its campaign to destroy Hamas (39:11-54:55)

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