Antisemitic Graffiti

Beth Weizmann vandalised overnight

Jews feel “unsafe and unwelcome” says JCCV.

The graffiti at Beth Weizmann which has since ben removed. The street address has been blurred at the request of BWCC management for security reasons
The graffiti at Beth Weizmann which has since ben removed. The street address has been blurred at the request of BWCC management for security reasons

The Beth Weizmann Community Centre (BWCC) in the heart of Caulfield, was again vandalised with antisemitic graffiti on Saturday night.

Baron Katranski, the Chair of Beth Weizmann, says if the incident was aimed at striking fear into the community, it has failed.

“Within hours of the incident occurring, our staff and members of the Jewish community had removed the graffiti. It’s basically gone now, and we’ll have the last of it professionally cleaned on Monday” he said.

“While this wasn’t unexpected, it is disappointing. What I find particularly upsetting is that the word “Genocide” was written directly under the words ‘Jewish Community’, that’s revolting” Katranski said.

There is CCTV footage of the attack taking place which has been handed to Victoria Police.

Naomi Levin, CEO of the JCCV said with recent data being released by Victoria Police confirming there has been more than one antisemitic incident in Victoria each day since October 7, the Jewish community has every right to feel unsafe and unwelcome in Victoria.

“There is no place for racism in our multicultural society. Words are not enough and JCCV calls for actions to be taken to safeguard the Jewish communities in Australia” she said.

Zeddy Lawrence, Executive Director of BWCC, says it was devastating to wake up to such news on the morning the Jewish world marked 100 days since the atrocities of October 7 and the 100th day in captivity of more than 130 hostages.

“Once again though, we are left wondering if any action will be taken against those who commit such a brazen act of antisemitism or whether the perpetrators will  get away with it once more. This is the second time Beth Weizmann has been targeted by vandals since October 7 and the latest in countless public displays of anti-Jewish sentiment and incitement across Victoria and Australia and yet we hear next to nothing of those responsible being held to account” Lawrence said.

Dr. Colin Rubenstein, executive director of the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council said this incident is yet another appalling act  in the wave of   despicable antisemitic bigotry about which not enough is being done.

“Our political leadership and enforcement authorities really need to do everything possible to find and inflict the full force of the law in punishing  these perpetrators” Rubenstein said.

Peter Wertheim, co-Chief Executive Officer of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry described the incident as a despicable example of antisemitism.

“People who want to vent their spleen about the Israel-Hamas conflict by taking it out on the local Jewish community through acts of vandalism are beneath contempt” he said.

The Federal MP for Macnamara, Josh Burns, said targeting local Jewish community organisations is antisemitism, plain and simple.

“Hamas has emboldened antisemites across the world, but their bigotry must be confronted with clarity and strength. It has no place in Australia” Burns said.

The MP for Caulfield, David Southwick, said “This is a disgrace and not acceptable in a state and country that celebrates multiculturalism. These bigots and vandals should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

The MP for Kew, Jess Wilson described the incident as a cowardly attack aimed at spreading fear and distress throughout the Jewish community.

“This incident has no place in our multicultural and inclusive state and those responsible for this disgraceful attack must be held to account.

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