Full House star dies

Bob Saget found dead at 65

Best known for his role as Danny Tanner in Full House, Bob Saget has been found dead in Florida, aged 65.

Bob Saget on stage before one of his final shows at the Hard Rock Live Orlando. Photo: Twitter.
Bob Saget on stage before one of his final shows at the Hard Rock Live Orlando. Photo: Twitter.

Comedian and actor Bob Saget, best known for his role on Full House, has been found dead in a hotel room in Florida. Detectives have found no sign of foul play or drug use, however his cause of death is yet to be determined.

His passing has been confirmed by the Orange County Sherriff’s office on Twitter, saying Saget was found unresponsive in his hotel room.

Saget, who was born in Philadelphia to a Jewish family, originally wanted to be a doctor. It was an english teacher who saw his potential, convincing him to pursue a career in films. He was part-way through his latest stand-up tour and had last performed in Jacksonville on Saturday night.

Saget was everyone’s favourite dad, who, alongside his brother-in-law Jesse, and best friend, Joey, navigated raising three daughters, following their mother’s death. Full House ran for eight seasons, wrapping up in 1995, but returned for Fuller House in 2016.

He was also a Grammy-nominated veteran stand-up comedian and television host, whose real persona never really matched his affable, neurotic, and conservative Danny Tanner character.

He had audiences in stitches with each show. And the feeling was mutual, with Saget’s final tweet, sent out just hours before his death, saying he’s “happily addicted” to comedy and had no idea he would end up doing such a long set.

Celebrities have come out in droves to pay tribute to Saget who has been described as one of the nicest and funniest guys around.

Russell Crowe tweeted: “Bob Saget. A good hang, a good chat. Kind, funny, generous. RIP.”

Drew Carey said: “Well this one hurts. I loved Bob Saget. He gave me so much encouragement when I first started out. He was a real friend to me too. Not just a mentor. I always looked up to him…”

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