Brent Nagtegaal, Dr Gedaliah Afterman

(The Israel Connexion) – Brent Nagtegaal (Armstrong Institute of Biblical Archaeology) worked alongside the famous Israeli archaeologist Eilat Mazar on all of her excavations in ancient Jerusalem. Now he works at Hebrew University in collaboration with the Armstrong Institute of Biblical Archaeology, having worked on excavations at the southern wall of the Temple Mount and in the City of David, which have led to the finding of massive Solomonic Period remains, as well as the seal impressions of King Hezekiah of Judah and other personalities in the book of Jeremiah. (1:54-23:03)

Proportionality (23:11-27:17)

Dr Gedaliah Afterman is Head of Asia Policy Program, Abba Eban Institute for Diplomacy and Foreign Relations .The Israel-Asia Policy Program is focused on shaping and supporting Israel’s engagement with Asia in the 21st century by providing relevant knowledge and economic diplomacy guidelines, maintaining various communication channels, and forming strategic policies to develop the relationships with countries in the region. (27:23-51:00)

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