Brody leads the way in Maccabi Cup

Brody leads the way in Maccabi Cup

Roy Vandersluis.
Roy Vandersluis is coming third in the Maccabi Cup with under three weeks to go.

THE Maccabi Australia overall golfer of the month for November, and for B Grade, was Roy Shotland, whose four rounds at the St Michael’s Golf Course proved to be the most consistently good, scoring a net average of 36.5, and an average of 14,918 Maccabi Cup points per round.

The A Grade golfer of the month was Ivan Gordon, whose four rounds at Monash Country Club averaged 13,704 points, while Allan Ossip from St Michael’s was the C Grade winner.

All three received the prize of a $50 Power Golf voucher.

Meanwhile, with less than three weeks remaining in the 2021 Maccabi Cup national competition, which has 394 entrants, Perth player Biff Brody tops the leaderboard on 233,225 points, just in front of Sydney’s Neil Odze and Roy Vandersluis.

Perth’s Debra Majteles is the top-placed female golfer on the leaderboard, and is coming 12th overall.

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