‘Collective responsibility’

Under the banner of "You've Never Mattered More," this year's campaign urges investment in the present and future.

JCA CEO Alain Hasson.
JCA CEO Alain Hasson.

JCA’s major campaign fundraising period for 2024 began on Sunday, following a highly successful event at the Sydney Opera House last month. JCA CEO Alain Hasson emphasised the striking parallels between the organisation’s establishment, and the current challenges confronting the Jewish community locally and globally.

Formed in 1967 in response to the Six-Day War, JCA was born out of the urgent recognition within the New South Wales Jewish community of a crisis in Israel. Hasson stressed the vital importance of supporting local Jewish community while also addressing Israel’s critical needs, echoing the same dilemma faced today.

In assessing the current landscape, Hasson highlighted the pressing needs and mounting challenges within the local Jewish community, including the necessity to fund immediate increased needs while remaining pertinent for the future.

He pointed to the unprecedented levels of antisemitism confronting our community and supported organisations, underscoring the pivotal nature of the present moment. Hasson urged collective responsibility in addressing these challenges, advocating for increased support from and for the local Jewish community.

Under the banner of “You’ve Never Mattered More,” this year’s campaign urges investment in the present and future.

“Like any investment, donating to JCA today has compound benefits not just for today and the future, but for our children and our grandchildren,” said Hasson. “Having already begun to meet with our supported organisations, we anticipate funding needs will increase by approximately $3 million for 2024/2025, marking a 20 per cent rise from the previous year.”

As the primary funder of CSG and NSWJBD (more than 90 per cent of both organisations’ funding comes via JCA), this is where the largest increase is being forecast.

“JCA is also responsible for ensuring that all services and programs offered by our supported organisations to our community receive the support they need,” said Hasson.

“Education, aged care, community care and culture and connection play a pivotal role in fostering resilience, inclusivity and vitality in our community. Education serves as a cornerstone, empowering students with the knowledge and understanding of their heritage, traditions and values and strengthening their sense of identity and belonging.

“To ensure the vitality of communal life, culture, heritage, and education within the local Jewish community,” Hasson appealed for generous contributions this year, stressing the significance of every donation.

To support the campaign, donate online at www.jca.org.au

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