Food at Montefiore

Creativity is always on the menu

Food is about so much more than the ingredients on the plate.

Food is about so much more than the ingredients on the plate, more than just satisfying a need, it shows an emotional connection with others, from our grandmother’s chicken soup to what we serve on the first night of Rosh Hashanah, food is a way we connect to our heritage and show love for others.

Because we apply so much emotional importance to food in the moment, it only makes sense that it would also become an important part of our memories. Studies show that we recall memories more easily and clearly when they are attached to a sensation as well as an emotional experience. It’s no wonder then that food plays such an important role in the lives of the residents at Montefiore.

The team at Montefiore focus not only on fresh, seasonal kosher fare for wellbeing and nutrition, but on making food a highlight for residents with special Shabbat and festival meals and an array of creative dining and interactive experiences.

The taste of tradition

Celebrating Shabbat and festivals is a key part of both the dining and cultural experiences at Montefiore. The kitchen team works closely with the spiritual and cultural department on traditional menus as well as the dining experience, to create something special for residents – as well as family and friends, when COVID-19 restrictions allow. For festivals like Pesach and Rosh Hashanah, tables are set with themed decorations while latkes and doughnuts are favourites on the menu for Chanukah.

World flavours

Montefiore’s catering and leisure & lifestyle teams provide a range of special experiences for residents encompassing cultural engagement, hands-on cooking, and the enjoyment of global kosher flavours through themed dining nights.

Spotlight on nutrition

There’s another, more serious aspect to food for people living in residential care. Montefiore chefs plan their menus in conjunction with on-staff dietitians and speech pathologists to meet health guidelines and ensure nutritious, appetising meals, including those for people with limited diets due to medical concerns.

Collaboration between the dietetics and catering departments ensure the dining experience is as inclusive and enjoyable as possible for all residents. Dietary coordinators ensure that allergies and preferences are taken into account, while occupational therapists help to promote independence at mealtimes.

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