Credit due

We may not like everything the Foreign Minister has said or done, but we should all applaud her putting the Greens in their place.

Photo: AAP Image/Lukas Coch
Photo: AAP Image/Lukas Coch

These columns have in recent months featured robust criticism of our government. Such commentary has been more than warranted given some of the policy decisions and statements that we have seen coming from Labor. It is after all our duty to hold Australia’s institutions to account in regard to our community.

But we should also commend where due. This week, Foreign Minister Penny Wong deserves our gratitude for her handling of Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John’s typically biased question on Monday.

“It is double standards to engage in violent and aggressive protest and incite them and think you are doing something about peace,” an assured Wong told an interruptive Steele-John.

We may not like everything the Foreign Minister has said or done, but we should all applaud her putting the Greens in their place, in the heart of our democracy, during official parliamentary proceedings that will be kept on record in perpetuity.

As for the Greens themselves, this rabble-rousing band of left-wing extremists seem to week-by-week fall further down their antisemitic rabbit hole.

Steele-John’s questioning this week follows last week’s stunt of calling a snap vote to recognise Palestinian statehood – a motion soundly defeated by cooler, more realistic heads in the Parliament.

The Greens long ago ditched their facade of supporting Israel’s right to exist alongside a future Palestinian state and openly declared their hostility towards the Jewish state and our local Jewish community. Their protest movement masquerading as a political party, in rejecting the IHRA antisemitism definition, arrogantly dictated to Jews what and what isn’t defined as hate towards us.

Greens politicians have had no qualms performing juvenile stunts in our parliaments or standing side-by-side with Hamas-supporting mobs that call for Israel’s annihilation and violence against Jews worldwide.

When NSW Greens MP Jenny Leong infamously declared we use our “tentacles” to try to “influence power”, at least she was being honest about the kind of thinking that truly drives the party’s agenda.

We don’t always agree with Labor but there’s a reason why they are in government, while the Greens are destined to forever be a radical, fringe thorn in Canberra’s side.

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