‘Education helps break barriers’

"It makes the area rich with multicultural values that make our community a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family," she said.

Dr Kylie von Muenster.
Dr Kylie von Muenster.

Liberal candidate for Coogee Dr Kylie von Muenster loves living in Sydney’s eastern suburbs with its diversity of faiths.

“It makes the area rich with multicultural values that make our community a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family,” she said.

The local businesswoman and volunteer lifesaver said she has embraced all the faiths and cultures in the Coogee area, “particularly the Jewish community”.

Von Muenster spent two years working as a community liaison officer with former federal Wentworth MP Dave Sharma.

“I met with several Jewish organisations, attended ceremonial events and gained a deeper understanding of the Jewish faith and issues important to the community,” she said.

“While people in Sydney are predominantly very inclusive and respectful, antisemitism does exist around the globe and this is a concern.”

She lauded the Perrottet government’s announcement of $10 million over four years to boost safety and security for faith communities.

“We have also just today announced further funding for the Sydney Jewish Museum, this will enable almost double the visitors and give people an opportunity to learn more about Jewish heritage and culture,” she said.

“Education helps break barriers and the ignorance that can lead to unacceptable discriminatory behaviour.”

Von Muenster also cited concerns raised about the lack of burial sites for people of minority faiths.

“The NSW government is working to identify land that could be suitable for new cemeteries within the Sydney metropolitan region, with a focus on sites that align with state and regional planning policies,” she said.

With cost of living already an issue, interest rates and inflation high and talk of a possible global recession, she said that “keeping an experienced state Liberal government has never been more important”.

“A government who has proven itself investing in innovation, infrastructure and services, and who has delivered for the community, and who has a long-term plan to keep delivering,” she added.

“There is no stronger example of delivering for the future than the recently announced Kids Future Fund, which will support families in their planning for their kids’ future.”

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