Effi Yaacobi – Reporting on ‘Israel At War’

Maurice Klein speaks with L’Chaim contributor Effi Yaacobi, in Israel. We first hear from Effi that Israel has lost two more IDF soldiers in Gaza, Baruch Dayan HaEmet. Gaza is divided into 3 parts north, central and south, Effi tells us that the IDF is now pretty much in full control of the North, with 12 of the 24 Hamas battalions out of commission with the IDF continuing to dismantle the Hamas structure and also having eliminated the 5th most senior Hamas commander. Parallel to dismantling Hamas out of the Gaza strip the focus is on bringing home the 240 hostages with something appearing to be in the offering. It’s laughable how Hamas continues to fudge the number of civilian deaths with no mention of the eliminated terrorist, they are claimed to be all civilians and the world media continues to fall for it. The Washington rally was a fabulous show of support for Israel and against antisemitism. Effi tells us to stand up and be counted, with the time of the timid Jew, well and truly over. Effi has made two trips up north to some IDF bases with enough classic Aussie standard meals and treats to feed 400 IDF soldiers each trip. Get involved and take up a collection to feed some lucky IDF soldiers with some classic Aussie treats. Contact Maurice to find out how you can financially support Effi’s effort. To contact Effi send an email to efyaac@netvision.net.il.

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