Entire world shattered

Family seeks donations to save daughter’s life

Melbourne ex-IDF lone soldier diagnosed with brain cancer.

In August 2023, the Ishay family’s entire world shattered.

Noga, their 26-year-old eldest daughter, was diagnosed with Astrocytoma, an aggressive Grade 4 brain cancer, with an average survival rate of just 12-18 months.

Her parents describe her as “a loving daughter, caring sister to three young siblings, loyal friend, and a bright medical student.” Noga served as a lone soldier in the IDF and was part of the first leadership group that started Melbourne’s Tzofim youth movement. She was one of the top students of her year at Bialik. This devastating diagnosis came without any warning signs. One moment she was chatting with friends at her medical training hospital and the next she collapsed. She immediately went from being a member of the medical team to a patient in the emergency ward. Within hours, she received the dreadful news of her brain tumour. Noga has shown immense courage, and resilience, since her collapse undergoing risky brain surgery followed by rounds of radiation and chemotherapy. Unfortunately, these conventional methods offer little hope for her. However, there is a cutting-edge treatment in Germany that offers hope. This innovative gene-based treatment uses personalised vaccination to train the immune system to target and destroy the patient’s tumour cells.

Unfortunately, this tailored treatment comes at a steep cost. It involves complex processes and expensive equipment. Additionally, it requires numerous flights to Germany, further straining the family’s financial resources. Noga’s treatment including the development and administration of the vaccine, travel expenses to Germany, accommodation, and other related expenses, is estimated to cost $300,000.

Her family and friends have launched an online campaign to raise the full amount by the end of April to help Noga fight life-threatening cancer. “Please donate to our campaign and share it with your friends and family so together we can give Noga hope for life. Every donation, no matter how small, is a powerful step towards giving Noga hope for the future. Your generosity means the world to us,” her family and friends said.

Tax-deductible donations at: mycause.com.au/help-noga 

For further information email: HopeForNoga@gmail.com

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