Family values with entrepreneurial spirit

'This year we celebrated a major milestone: 100 investments and 100 success stories'

Attendees at Jadig Finance's seventh annual investors lunch.
Attendees at Jadig Finance's seventh annual investors lunch.

Owned and operated by Adam Gringlas and his father Jack Gringlas OAM, the Jadig family office is in its 11th year offering private mortgages to the industry – and has recorded a busy performance year.

Adam Gringlas, managing director, said: “This year we celebrated a major milestone: 100 investments and 100 success stories. We’re proud to have helped so many of our customers/borrowers and investors achieve their goals.”

Fresh guiding principles

At the lunch, Adam Gringlas also presented Jadig Finance’s new core values, which reflect the evolution of the business and the guiding principles of his family that drive every decision.

“First and foremost, we are a family business and our number one value is ‘The Jadig Family’,” he said.

He added that while Jadig Finance has steadily added more customers, investors and referring brokers to its family, everyone is treated with the same respect as if a member of the Gringlas family.

Secondly, Jadig Finance builds trust by doing the right thing. The business believes in absolute transparency, providing a service that fosters relationships and “being big on doing the little things right”.

Adam Gringlas (left) and Jack Gringlas OAM.

“Thirdly, we are pragmatic,” Gringlas said. “Pragmatic means being nimble and entrepreneurial, which sets us apart from the industry.”

Jadig Finance’s new product, Simple Property Loans, is leading by example. The stripped back way of lending for people who need funds fast fills a market gap, and as a result is disrupting the industry.

The final value is ‘Jadig cares’.

“We are a people business,” Gringlas explained. “We really care about how we help to make every relationship a success, and it is this value that really brings it all together.”

Embracing a culture of entrepreneurship

After lunch, investors were entertained by insights from futurist and author, Bernard Salt AM, with a largely optimistic outlook post-COVID.

He explained that while the Australian life expectancy is stretching from an average of 69 in 1952 to 84 in 2022, some things are here to stay – such as the work from home trend and the pursuit of lifestyle.

“Sea change, tree change and the colonisation of suburbia remain Australian lifestyle obsessives,” he said.

Bernard Salt AM

The room was also entertained by Salt’s new demographic acronyms, reflecting how Melbourne made a beeline for Victoria’s lifestyle zones during COVID.

“VESPAs – virus escapees seeking provincial Australia, and KIPPERS – kids in parents pockets eroding retirement savings,” Salt said, to an amused audience.

As Australia appears headed towards a period of continued volatility and higher interest rates, family office businesses such as Jadig Finance will continue to provide opportunities to help its customers achieve their personal and business goals.

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