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TAU’s success in entrepreneurship can be attributed to its emphasis on integrating entrepreneurship into the university’s DNA.

From Start-up to Unicorn: Mission to Israel, a seven-day innovation expedition program hosted by Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University (AFTAU), is an exceptional opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors and the next generation of philanthropists to experience the innovation, commercialisation and opportunity that Tel Aviv University and the broader Israeli ecosystem have to offer.

Beginning on May 12, 2023, at Tel Aviv University (TAU) with a maximum of 25 participants, the program is open to Jewish and non-Jewish individuals alike, and has been uniquely curated to showcase Israel, the university, the talented researchers at TAU, and the successful businesses started by TAU alumni.

The program’s main purpose is to facilitate the meeting of minds between the Australian contingent and talents at TAU, and expose the “next generation” of investors and potential philanthropists to the opportunities that lie within the Israeli ecosystem. Participants will spend time with some of TAU’s finest minds and most successful alumni to hear about their work and personal stories.

“TAU is the start-up university in the start-up capital of the start-up nation,” said David Solomon, federal CEO of AFTAU.

“This mission will offer a truly rare and unique platform for Australians with a keen nose for sniffing out the ‘next big thing’ to gain unprecedented first access to the great minds that are being nurtured at TAU, and to play a fundamental role in projects and businesses that resonant with them personally.”

One of the many highlights of the program will see participants attending TAU’s honorary degrees conferment ceremony and reception, where exceptional individuals from around the world will be honoured.

The program will also link with selected activities of the annual global gathering of the TAU board of governors. Participants will visit multiple companies and attend geopolitical briefings.

According to Solomon, one of the key reasons why Mission to Israel will be an eye-opening and worthy investment for participants is because TAU “is a hub of innovation, creativity and excitement”.

“TAU is known for its outstanding entrepreneurship programs, which have made it one of the top universities in the world for graduates with successful startups. It is the only non-US university to make the Top 10 list of Pitchbook’s rankings (placed seventh globally), and is also ranked fifth in the world for the establishment of scale-up companies with an estimated worth of $US50m or more (number 1 outside the US), according to Startup Genome,” said Solomon.

TAU’s success in entrepreneurship can be attributed to its emphasis on integrating entrepreneurship into the university’s DNA.

The university utilises education at undergraduate and master’s levels, accelerators, entrepreneurship centres, competitions with significant prize money, hack-a-thons, and a myriad of other opportunities on campus. TAU also has its own VC (TAU Ventures) and commercialisation arm (Ramot), both of which are on the mission’s itinerary.

“A globally top-ranked university, a leading research institution and a centre of discovery – TAU embraces a culture of pursuing the unknown to make the world a better place. They are on the path to discovery on pressing issues in health, science, artificial intelligence, cyber security, engineering, entrepreneurship, the arts, law and much more,” added Clive Donner, federal chairman of AFTAU.

Along with an itinerary brimming with business and innovation highlights, participants will be treated to one-of-a-kind cultural experiences that showcase Israel in all its glory. From music and art to fine dining and Israeli tourism, activities include a private recital by the students of the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music, and a performance from Batsheva Dance Company.

Participants who wish to extend their stay beyond May 19 will be invited to a private street party with TAU’s board of governors to celebrate Israel’s 75th anniversary.

“In modern high-tech, high-risk economies, the ability to successfully develop and operate a start-up is one of the most valuable and sought-after qualities of business leadership, especially in Israel,” said Professor Moshe Zviran, chief entrepreneurship and innovation officer of TAU. “We have very few natural resources in this country – our primary resource is human capital. Entrepreneurship is important for the Israeli economy and important for our existence.”

“There is so much talent and opportunity that is just waiting to be discovered in Israel and TAU, and From Start-up to Unicorn: Mission to Israel will deliver insights into the thriving innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurship culture of TAU, and help our next generation of investors and philanthropists understand the incredible potential that lies within the Israeli ecosystem,” said Solomon.

From Start-up to Unicorn: Mission to Israel, hosted by Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University will take place from Friday, May 12 to Thursday May 18, 2023. For a full itinerary or for more information, contact David Solomon on 0418 465 556, or visit

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