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Five TV shows and movies to watch next

Here are five movies and TV shows you can stream featuring the stars of Fauda in other breathtaking roles, all streaming with English subtitles on ChaiFlicks

Rona-Lee Shimon star in Jerusalem drama A Quiet Heart.
Rona-Lee Shimon star in Jerusalem drama A Quiet Heart.

Did you binge watch Fauda? It seems like the entire world is following this band of Israeli warriors through thick and thin. Here are five movies and TV shows you can stream featuring the stars of Fauda in other breathtaking roles, all streaming with English subtitles on ChaiFlicks, the world’s largest Jewish entertainment streaming platform now available in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Asylum City:

Doron Ben-David (right) stars in Tel Aviv police drama Asylum City from Fauda producers Yes Studios. Photo: Ohad Romano/ChaiFlicks/Yes Studios

Corruption in Tel Aviv

Prepare yourself for another binge watch. This police thriller set in Tel Aviv and starring Doron Ben-David (Steve in Fauda) will take you on a journey through the dark underside of life in Israel’s cultural capital. It was produced by Israel’s Yes Studios, the same production house that brought us Fauda and Shtisel, so you know you’re in for a ride.

Asylum City follows ambitious detective Anat Sitton (Hani Furstenberg) as she investigates the murder of a local human rights activist, with the number-one suspect being an African asylum seeker.

Slowly, Anat begins to discover there’s more to this case than it seems, as she unravels a cesspool of corruption lurking beneath the surface. With local activist Itay (Fauda’s Doron Ben-David) by her side, the duo learn more about the forces at work behind the scenes – from Tel Aviv’s criminal underground to the highest rungs of government corruption.

Shot on the streets and back-alleys of Tel Aviv, this heart-stopping series delivers pulpy thrills and piercing social commentary with seamless precision, giving a visceral exploration of the rot at the centre of this city.


Tzachi Halevi’s action-packed thriller

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has always been fertile ground for action dramas. In Bethlehem, Tzachi Halevi stars as Razi, an undercover Israeli Shin Bet agent. He is charged with handling a young Palestinian informant, Sanfur (Shadi Mar’i from Fauda). Razi and Sanfur develop a close relationship, something the ever-troubled Palestinian boy desperately needs.

Yet soon the Israelis discover that Sanfur – whose brother, Ibrahim (Hisham Suliman, another Fauda actor), is a high-ranking terrorist – has actually been misleading them all along. No longer able to trust the young man, Razi dives into uncharted waters. As the stakes rise on both sides, the nature of loyalty and truth becomes a matter of life and death.

Bethlehem brings a sophisticated script with action-packed moments where situations escalate by the second. With another masterful performance, Halevi’s character is so believable that we can’t help following him until the very end.

A Quiet Heart:

Rona-Lee Shimon stars in an understated drama

The picturesque image and the true reality of life in Jerusalem are often at odds with one another. This is very much the case in A Quiet Heart, a masterful drama starring Ania Bukstein (Game of Thrones, The Secrets), and Fauda star Rona-Lee Shimon.

Winner of the Grand Prix award at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, A Quiet Heart follows Naomi (Bukstein), a young pianist who moves to Jerusalem and finds a job at a local radio station to find new inspiration. As she starts to build a new life in the city, she is confronted by extreme Orthodox Jews who take issue with her secular lifestyle.

Despite the circumstances, she manages to build brave friendships with others in the area, through connections with a young activist (Shimon), a motherly Orthodox neighbour, and even a Christian monk named Fabrizio (prolific Italian actor Giorgio Lupano).

As Naomi slowly rediscovers her love of music, the reality of her new neighbourhood tests her personal resolve and perseverance. Under Eitan Anner’s sensitive direction, A Quiet Heart depicts Jerusalem as a sometimes lonely, but also intimate city, where beliefs are strong, people are all around, and where hope can ultimately be found.

The Bouncer:

The Bouncer with Doron Ben-David.

Faith, fatherhood and the law

Nominated for an astonishing 12 Ophir Awards (the Israeli Oscars), The Bouncer is a thoughtful action movie that examines the boundaries between family, faith and the law. Moris Cohen won the Jerusalem Film Festival’s Best Actor Award for his role as Ovadia, a nightclub bouncer who wants to start a family with his wife, but is unable to afford expensive fertility treatment. That is, until a gangster offers him a job that he can’t refuse.

The deeper Ovadia becomes involved in the gang, the more egos inflame – until he realises he can’t turn back the clock and must face dangerous consequences for his choices. With the likes of Doron Ben-David in strong performances, this film examines how far anyone will go for love and family, and what happens when they’ve gone further than they should have.

The film neatly juxtaposes Ovadia’s personal nature – the warm, religiously observant family man – with the path he chose in life, which pours various meaningful angles into this otherwise straightforward action film.

Wedding Doll:

Moran Rosenblatt’s heartwarming tale

These films and TV series give the Fauda members an opportunity to show a different, often softer side of their skillset – and none more so than Wedding Doll, starring Moran Rosenblatt.

In this film, Rosenblatt plays Hagit, an artistic young woman who, along with her talent, also lives with a mild mental deficiency. While living in the shadow of her overprotective mother, Hagit works a day job at a toilet paper factory, where she finds a surprising outlet for both her creative spirit and her quest for romantic connection. Things come to a head when the factory is ordered to shut down, bringing Hagit’s duelling realities to a head. Times of Israel

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