Four on the floor
Max Selby and Netanel Abisedon are making huge strides as Gelassenheit. Photo: One Cut Studios
Max Selby and Netanel Abisedon are making huge strides as Gelassenheit. Photo: One Cut Studios
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Four on the floor

One has a background in ballroom dancing, the other grew up with a love of acting and the arts. Both found their passion with DJing and techno music. Now, Gelassenheit has just celebrated more than 30,000 Spotify streams on its track Astro.

Netanel Abisedon, 25, and Max Selby, 26, both Moriah College graduates, were at a point in their lives where they were both looking for a new direction for their creativity. As they individually found their passion for DJing, they were introduced by mutual friends, realising they could do something truly special if they teamed up.

Despite both attending Moriah College, they were in separate years at school so never really crossed paths. Abisedon grew up competing in ballroom dancing, which took him around Australia and the world. Selby spent years studying and travelling around the world creating memories and experiences.

European influences

When they met, they were both in the early stages of exploring techno music, and learning to DJ and mix tracks. Selby said: “We had always had an interest in music. Net was influenced by his eldest brother who had DJ’d in the past and I was introduced to it via a close friend. It was around the same time that we both became interested in this art form and met via some mutual friends. This common interest led us to spend time learning and growing together.”

Techno, a genre of electronic dance music that is characterised mostly by a repetitive common-time rhythm, also known as ‘four on the floor’, originated in Germany.

Both Selby and Abisedon were influenced by their trips to Europe, which is still quite a techno-centric region. They didn’t start in techno though, rather experimenting with other electronic sounds.

“The techno scene is very multicultural and acts almost like a family community,” Abisedon explained. “The environment resonated strongly with both our characters. It’s not about partying, but rather about forming relationships via the common love of electronic music.”

A formidable team

Abisedon and Selby, known as Gelassenheit, have been on the forefront of Australia’s techno and underground music scene for years now. When they first started, they didn’t really know too many promoters or have friends who frequented the clubs they wanted to play at. So they created their own events, hosting parties for their mates.

The duo now work across DJing, promotions and their events business, as founders of event brands Dopamine, Kode and SoundWaves. While events have taken a back seat over the past few weeks due to COVID-19, the duo is still working behind the scenes.

And they love working together. “It has given us the chance to learn and grow from one another, and also balances out our individual strengths and weaknesses,” said Selby. Abisedon agreed saying they work as friends as well as business partners, which gives them a unique experience, growing as a team.

What’s in store

It’s amazing to see how far the duo has come in a relatively short time. “We have created many well-known event brands, ranging from our weekly Sunday events (Kode) which have become a staple in the Sydney scene, to our boat parties on Sydney Harbour hosting thousands of guests over the summer months, through Soundwaves and to our personal brand Dopamine that has hosted multiple internationally renowned DJs,” said Abisedon.

As artists, the pair has signed to multiple international labels including Soleid, Berlin-based Love Matters (run by the world-famous DJ and producer Stereo Express), Interfonic and Movement Recordings, and have just reached more than 30,000 Spotify streams on their track Astro.

So what does the future hold for Gelassenheit? The pair want to continue growing, hosting bigger and better events with some of the best acts from around the globe. And a move to Europe isn’t off the cards either.

“We want to create a name for ourselves on the world stage, as both artists and promoters,” said Selby.

If the past few years are anything to go by, the techno world really is their oyster.

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