From Bach to Bolling with Live at Yours
Intimate and majestic

From Bach to Bolling with Live at Yours

Following a hugely successful Live at The Great event earlier this year, the Live at Yours team is back with Bach to Bolling.

Live at The Great.
Live at The Great.

The Great Synagogue is known to have sublime acoustics. Which is why it makes sense to present music performances inside one of Sydney’s most spectacular synagogues. Following a hugely successful Live at The Great event earlier this year, the Live at Yours team is back with Bach to Bolling, featuring world-class artists Teije Hylkema and the Black Tulip Jazz Trio.

“It started with a phone call from Teije offering to perform the Claude Bolling suite for cello and jazz trio,” Live at Yours conductor and pianist Vladimir Fashil told The AJN. “This sounded like a great idea as I know that our audience loves French music and jazz, but I thought it was also important to add a spiritual element to uplift. The Bach Cello suites are like the Old Testament of cello repertoire, so it seemed natural to ground the effervescent jazz suite with the elegant cello solo.”

Describing the acoustics at the Great Synagogue as “warm yet resonant”, Fanshil refers to the shule as an up-and-coming venue in Sydney for musical concerts. “It is both intimate and majestic,” he said. “Letting one’s mind wander to live music under the starry, vaulted ceiling is an inspiring experience. We’re so happy that all Sydneysiders are being welcomed to experience the architectural crown of the Jewish community.”

Of course, the concerts are not limited to the Jewish community, and Fanshil acknowledges that the audience is fascinatingly diverse.

Bach to Bolling promises to bring a beautiful amalgamation of two different musical genres.

“Hearing the pieces colliding together brings so much more to each piece than if they were played alone,” Fanshil explained. “The serious, introspective Bach solos are gently coaxed into broad daylight, revealing its full splendour. Whilst the Bolling suite is elevated by a luxurious patina normally reserved for only chamber-music halls.”

Audience members enjoying delectable French cakes at Live at the Independent.

Alongside Live at the Great, Live at Yours has also started another series called Concert and Cake Sundays at the Independent Theatre in North Sydney, which Fanshil describes as “an incredible venue just waiting to be discovered”.

At each event, French cakes by Madame & Yves are served before guests enter the perfect chamber-music sized hall. Fanshil explained that these events at the Independent are a wonderful introduction for the younger members of the family.

“The Sunday afternoon concert is not only enjoyable but a great way to introduce newcomers to music. Ensuring that new listeners and connoisseurs alike get highest quality performances means we share an unforgettable experience,” Fanshil explained.

Live at the Great: Bach to Bolling is on Thursday April 28. For tickets and more information about both series, Live at the Great and Live at the Independent, visit

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