Healthy Hippocrates

Healthy Hippocrates

Harry Tsoukalas is on a mission to provide healthier food alternatives with Hippocrates Healthy Eatery in Randwick. He shares his journey with The AJN.

Tell us about the path to Hippocrates. What inspired you to establish the eatery and for it to take the shape that it has?
I was working as a remedial builder when I discovered that I was sick with various illnesses, including heart problems, psoriasis and allergies. Later I found out that my ill health was mould related. The buildings I worked on were full of mould and I found the occupants had similar illnesses to mine. I read and studied and consulted with others and learned that ancient Greek doctors and philosophers like Hippocrates and Asclepius ate a plant-based diet with many herbs to heal their ailments. I changed my diet to this, and have now been healed of many of my illnesses. One year later, when a shop in Randwick became available due to the pandemic, I decided to take it on and start introducing this new diet – plant based, organic and free of gluten, sugars or processed foods.

What are the key values of Hippocrates?

  • The menu is 100% plant based.
  • We use certified organic or organically grown ingredients.
  • Our ingredients are mostly Australian made, produced and owned.
  • We offer free filtered still water to all customers, either cold or room temperature.
  • We use superfoods such as chia, cacao, turmeric, garlic, ginger, linseed and more.
  • We use gluten-free and dairy-free
  • We don’t use refined sugars, flours, preservatives or anything artificial.
  • We don’t use deep fryers for our food preparation.
  • We recycle most of our waste.

What are some of your favourite dishes on the menu?
Every single dish is designed to please all the senses. Like our Greek-based moussaka. Fully plant-based, we use sweet potato which is healthier than regular potato. Then there is the ‘Athena’, a Greek-style vegan grilled kebab. But surely the most enticing item on the menu is the aptly named Hercules Tiramisu – a sugar and gluten-free alternative to the well-known dessert.

Tell us about the decision to make the eatery kosher-style. Why was this important?
A crucial aspect of the Hippocrates mission is to make our food accessible to everyone. We also found the kosher philosophy to be in alignment with our principles and therefore we are currently in the process of working towards certification.

Can you share some of the many ideas that you have embraced to ensure that Hippocrates is a conscious and ethical business?
We are plant-based because it helps to decrease the carbon footprint, reduce the animal suffering and improve the health. Ethics are a very important value of our business, motivating us to make the world a better place. As for the quality and nutritious value of the food itself, we observed that many plant-based eateries use unhealthy processed food products and are not organic. They also use lots of sugars and processed flours, while other organic eateries still serve animal products. So Hippocrates Healthy Eatery is pioneering the way we source and prepare food.

As for applying those principles, one of my first actions was to remove the deep fryers that are so unhealthy. I made sure that lime paint was used for the repainting of the eatery – it kills bacteria and mould. I also equipped the shop with air purifiers, dehumidifiers and ozonators to create a clean air environment.

What makes you most passionate about the business?
We are passionate about enabling our customers to live a healthier lifestyle. Health is not just about illnesses, but also about feeling good and balanced so you can live better and longer. We don’t try to heal illnesses, but we are trying to prevent them with our better and healthier lifestyle choices.

Hippocrates Healthy Eatery is located at 129 Avoca Street, Randwick. For more information, visit

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