Local art exhibition

Honouring nature and beauty

"When I can create an artwork which brings some joy to others, that sparks my joy too."

Lotus and Water Strider
Lotus and Water Strider

Last year, when Waverley Library Gallery sought applications for artists to exhibit in their space, yoga teacher and artist Iris Toren applied. On September 22, her exhibition will open, for which, she said, she is “very grateful”.

Toren told The AJN that she has loved drawing and painting since she was a child, a gift that was always encouraged by her family.

“My grandmother was a talented artist and fashion designer during the ’50s and ’60s.

“In the ’80s I took time off from my career in IT to further my art studies at the historic Julian Ashton Art school in Sydney’s Rocks.

“Their very traditional approach suited me and this was a very happy and fulfilling part of my life,” she said.

Toren is inspired by nature and man-made things of beauty. Growing up and still living in Bondi, the beach, ocean, sky and all plant and animal life all bring her joy.

“Depicting the beauty I see around me in paint, as best I can, is my way of honouring it.

“The process of closely observing nature whilst painting is like a healing meditation that heightens my feelings of connection,” she explained.

“When I can create an artwork which brings some joy to others, that sparks my joy too.”

Her exhibition at Waverley Library is called Awestruck and is in response to nature and beauty.

It will include around 50 artworks, painted in a variety of media including watercolour, oils and acrylics.

Half of any sale profits will be donated to Animals Australia.

Awestruck will be at the Waverley Library Gallery from September 22 to October 18. For tickets to the exhibition opening on September 28, visit tinyurl.com/na9y6747

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