Ian Worby – Christian Friends walking the walk and talking the talk for Israel

Maurice Klein speaks with Ian Worby, National Leader Christians 4 Israel Australia, and CEO of UCB Asia Pacific Christian Media. Representing Christians 4 Israel, Ian was part of the committee of Christian organisations and communities representing hundreds of thousands of Australia Christians, responsible for drafting a letter to the Foreign Minister of Australia, Penny Wong, expressing their dismay and consternation in response to the recent policy announcement that Australia will refer to Gaza and the West Bank including East Jerusalem as illegally “Occupied Palestinian Territories”.  Christians 4 Israelpublishes a bi-monthly newspaper “Israel and Christians Today” with the purpose to inform and inspire mainly non-Jewish Christian readers to love and pray and to comfort Israel in practical ways and to stand in solidarity with their Jewish brothers and sisters and to fight against antisemitism. Collectively Christians 4 Israel Australia raises hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to help, aid and comfort Israel and the Jewish people supporting many projects. Earlier this year a Rapid response vehicle was purchased for Magen David Adom. For the past 30 years, Ian and Mandy Worby have been involved as pioneers of Christian Radio and Media, establishing Vision Christian Radio in 1999 that now has over 800 radio partners with Vision Christian Media all over the country in every state and territory. Mandy Worby, a radio announcer for nearly 30 years is on Vision Radio Monday-Friday from 12 noon to 3 pm sharing positive segments about Israel and also does a daily radio spot called Foundations, connecting the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith. Ian and Mandy also take tours to Israel every year.  Australia has a long and rich history of helping the Jewish people and standing with Israel which Ian and Mandy love to celebrate and support. May Hashem Bless Ian and Mandy Worby along with all the Australian Christian friends of Israel.  To find out more go to www.c4israel.com.au or www.vision.org.au or www.ucbap.org.

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