ICJ – Natasha Hausdorff (UKLI) & Professor Gregory Rose, Samuel Hyde (Israeli settlements)

(The Israel Connexion) – Natasha Hausdorff (UK Lawyers for Israel) and Professor Gregory Rose questioned the purpose and validity of The International Criminal Court of Justice (ICJ) enquiry, the objective of which is to establish an advisory opinion on the legal consequences arising from the policies and practices of Israel in the Occupied Territories, including East Jerusalem, which may well be damning of Israel. (0:40-24:54)

Writer and researcher Samuel Hyde is the editor of “We Should All Be Zionists” by Dr. Einat Wilf and is currently co-writing a book with Wilf titled ‘Political Intelligence.’ He focuses on political theory, Israel’s political climate, conflict resolution, Israel-Africa relations, the education sector, democracy and Middle East affairs. We discussed the viability of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. (24:54-56:21)

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