Iconic mural saved
Sydney Jewish Museum

Iconic mural saved

A 40-metre mural by artist Wendy Sharpe at the Sydney Jewish Museum, unable to be viewed due to lockdown, has been saved in the process of constructing new offices.

A 40-METRE mural painted by renowned artist Wendy Sharpe at the Sydney Jewish Museum – following her visit to Ukraine in 2019 to research her family history – was always envisaged to be ephemeral, with the museum planning to build offices in the gallery space after three months.

But what no one planned was Sydney’s delta lockdown, meaning the public had no opportunity to view the artwork in person before the renovation.

But once the renovation began, the museum realised that fragments of the mural could be saved to bring colour and life to the new offices.

With the assistance of Soho Construction, the images were carefully preserved and will forever be a talking point when entering the SJM offices.

“The challenge was to ensure the mural would not be damaged,” Soho business development manager Allon Faul said.

“Through good management and communication to everyone on-site, Soho ensured that the desired outcome was achieved.”

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