IDF Recidivism (Ran Porat), MP Zoe Daniel, Anti-BDS law in UK (UKLI)

IDF Recidivism (Ran Porat), MP Zoe Daniel, Anti-BDS law in UK (UKLI)

(The Israel Connexion) – Dr Ran Porat is an affiliate research associate at the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation, Monash University and a research associate with the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC).

Ran has written an article ‘Israeli army moves to centre-stage in judicial reform controversy’ and we discuss the effect of the Israeli government’s judicial overhaul program on Israelis serving in the IDF. (00:52-28:57)

Zoe Daniel MP, the independent federal representative for the seat of Goldstein in Melbourne, caused some controversy by signing an open letter ‘Do Better on Palestine’ in 2021. She recently returned from a short trip to Israel, her first, as part of a bi-partisan parliamentary delegation. (29:03-42:41)

The UK Counter BDS Bill  – Jonathan D.C. Turner, UKLFI Chief Executive, and Natasha Hausdorff, UKLFI Charitable Trust Legal Director, examine some criticisms that have been made of it. (43:26-58:26)

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