Ilana Maizels – JNF Emergency Appeal for Israel’s South

Ilana Maizels – JNF Emergency Appeal for Israel’s South

Maurice Klein speaks with Ilana Maizels, Executive Director of JNF Victoria. For the past ten years JNF Victoria and JNF Australia have been focusing on supporting the communities of Israel’s south fulfilling David Ben Gurion’s dream of making the Negev flourish, with many of the JNF supported communities the new Israel loving Chalutzim. Ilana landed in Israel the day before Hamas, with its abominable barbarism, declared war on Israel. Ilana, along with JNF Victoria President Ronit Fraid, were scheduled to visit many of the communities and kibbutzim in Israel’s south which JNF had supported, also considering further potential projects. The totally devastated Kfar Aza was a recent JNF project. Ilana tells us all about the close and personal relationships developed through JNF’s supporting projects, and what is now needed to support all the people whose lives and communities have been completely turned inside out and upside down. With so much now needed to help them recover and rebuild. Ilana and Ronit returned to Australia very soon after the Hamas savagery and destruction, to immediately assist in getting the JNF Emergency Appeal into full swing. All the funds raised through the JNF Emergency Appeal thus far have already been transferred to the people and communities in the South for immediate relief. However, so much more assistance and support is still needed. To DONATE to JNF’s Emergency Appeal please go to  or call 1300 563 563.

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