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Israeli tech behind your weekend’s winning plays

Here is a list of some of the sports tech companies operating around the world that the Israel Trade Commission in Australia is encouraging to expand into Australia.


Whether you’re an NRL or AFL fan, or both, you would have had a big weekend with the opening round of football. But what goes into making a high-performance sporting entertainment activity? Elite athletes playing at the top of their game, expert fan engagement, accessible stadiums and flawless video coverage.

Of course, Israel, not known for its sporting prowess as a country, has solutions that work behind the scenes that make your weekend viewing top-notch. Here is a list of some of the sports tech companies operating around the world that the Israel Trade Commission in Australia is encouraging to expand into Australia:


The only football wearable on the market that attaches to a player’s shoe allowing them to gain insights into football-specific KPIs – other wearables, like vests, that are marketed for football can only track speed, distance, etc. The connected footwear technology is currently in use by elite players, teams and clubs around the world.


Pixellot is the leader in automatic sports production solutions for the amateur and semiprofessional market. Pixellot’s technology streamlines the production workflow by deploying an unmanned multi-camera system that covers the entire field and follows the action automatically. Utilising cloud-based AI to analyse high-quality video, it enables sports teams, leagues and educational institutions to broadcast sporting events which would otherwise not receive coverage due the associated costs.


BlazePod is the leading reaction training solution that combines cognitive intelligence training with physical exercises, enabling individuals to react and respond faster and more efficiently, guided by live data. The platform consists of vibrant, visual cue pods, controlled by an interactive mobile app that is fully customisable to all sport, fitness or therapy application.


PlaySight has emerged as a leader in the sports technology marketplace over the past six years, bringing the most advanced and elite capabilities to all levels of sport, all over the world: automated production and live streaming, video replay (VAR), pro level coaching tools, and a live and on demand sports OTT channel – the PlaySight Sports Network (PSSN).


Anagog is the world’s first edge-AI mobile engagement platform for mobile apps that works from within the phone without dependency on cloud communication, and a leader in context-rich personalisation. It helps brands deliver on the promise of a hyper-personalised mobile engagement experience, by solving the ever-growing battle between the need to offer relevant experiences to users, and meeting their demand for privacy.


Corsight AI is currently the most powerful facial recognition in the crowd platform, recognising people when other technologies fail. It provides facial recognition solutions for the most challenging conditions while preserving the privacy of others.

Video consumption is at a record high, and is the best way to generate engagement. But high costs of video often result in a less-than-optimal ROI for online publishers, broadcasters and content owners – across sports, news and entertainment sectors. increases content profitability and performance by increasing engagement, consumption and monetisation capabilities.

Use weather intelligence to proactively schedule games, practices and all sports-related events. Ensure all operations are running smoothly and that athletes, staff and fans are safe at all times from any weather risks.

Be it athlete performance, stadium experience, at-home viewing, fan safety or technology for the grassroots up, Israeli sports tech is world-leading. We encourage you to register your interest with us for a meeting with any of the above-listed companies. Alternatively, if your sporting club or code has an issue you think can be solved with Israeli technology, then please reach out. Our office is open for collaborations – please get in touch via

Jeremy Ungar is senior trade officer at the Israel Trade and Economic Commission.

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