Krav Maga courses for teens

Jewish high schoolers to learn self defence

More that 130 students registered for the courses within 24 hours of them being announced. 

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied

Jewish teens in Victoria will be offered training in self-defence techniques.

Community Security Group Victoria says high school children in years 8 to 12 need to learn how to stay safe in the current atmosphere.

CSG Victoria CEO Justin Kagan said “We wish we didn’t have to do this training … but unfortunately, that’s not reality. We are very well aware of what’s going on around the world and we have to respond to that, we can’t be naïve, we can’t have our heads buried in the sand”.

He said CSG is responding to calls from many Jewish parents who have asked them to run this kind of  trainng for their children.

“The feedback we had from last year’s program was excellent and so it’s something that we want to make a routine program every year. Obviously [with] what’s going on around the world with a state of antisemitism, it’s probably more relevant now than ever” Kagan said.

More that 130 students registered for the courses within 24 hours of them being announced.

They will be run by Krav Maga Australia.

CSG also runs a six month Recruitment Training Program tailored to university students.

Kagan said “We’re not teaching our kids how to get into fights, we’re teaching them how to avoid fights at all costs. [To] be aware of their surroundings, to deescalate situations is hugely important”.

Kagan believes learning how to deescalate a situation and remove yourself and your friends from a situation before anything bad does happen is a life skill that kids don’t get taught.

Krav Maga Australia owner Dave Freidman said what he teachers is not a martial art but rather the ability to defend yourself in the street.

“Our attacker doesn’t play by any rules to attack us, so we don’t play by any rules to defend ourselves. We do what we need to do in order to create the time or distance that we need to … get to safety.

He also said since October 7 he’s been getting a lot more enquiries from Melbourne Jews about taking a self-defence course.

“A lot of people [are]calling me saying I feel concerned or vulnerable … just walking around the Jewish areas. Even those people who aren’t necessarily visibly Jewish, but just walking around Caulfield … are feeling very vulnerable” he said.

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