Connections and Conversations

JewishCare’s R U OK? Day

...a heartfelt initiative that galvanised the community...

Wendy Rosenthal (left), Rita Fisher.
Wendy Rosenthal (left), Rita Fisher.

JewishCare hosted its R U OK? Day event, a heartfelt initiative that galvanised the community to foster deeper connections and initiate vital conversations. Mental health first aid training facilitator Alena Farrugia spoke about mental health and wellbeing, while Craig Boss shared his poignant mental health journey. Photos: Giselle Haber

Ruth Kellerman (left), Cherrise Levitan.


Madeline Rosen (left), Lisa Oshlack.


From left: Kira Brandt, Tamara Leizer, Mimi Zilka.


Craig Boss addressing the event.


From left: Gary Groves, Alena Farrugia, Craig Boss, Emma Cohen.


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