Journey to Judaism
SAJE streamlined solution

Journey to Judaism

"SAJE looks forward to elevating and enhancing this Orthodox conversion experience,"

SAJE has launched. Photo: Sam Babus - SB Creatives Photography
SAJE has launched. Photo: Sam Babus - SB Creatives Photography

The new Sydney Academy of Jewish Education (SAJE) has now launched with an overarching aim to streamline the conversion process. Operating under the auspices of the Sydney Beth Din, classes have commenced this month with a modular program called Dor l’Dor.

Participant feedback has already been so positive about the program, encompassing all that it means to live a Jewish life via both spiritual and physical pathways.

SAJE board member and spiritual leader of the Central Synagogue, Rabbi Levi Wolff, said he can’t wait to connect with each candidate.

“SAJE looks forward to elevating and enhancing this Orthodox conversion experience,” he said.

The initiative was created by SAJE visionary Harry Triguboff, in response to repeated communal requests highlighting the need of so many to demystify and then navigate this righteous road.

Triguboff said, “I believe that we should facilitate more Orthodox conversions with a goal to minimise assimilation, otherwise we shall lose our people. With more conversions people will stay connected to the community and we will grow from strength to strength.”

Experienced and respected male and female educators, including learned rabbis such as SAJE rabbinic representative and Rabbinical Council of NSW president Rabbi Shua Solomon, have collaborated to construct the course. Whenever a conversion candidate is ready, they can opt in at any point and continue until they participate in all classes exploring foundational concepts – in person or via Zoom if required.

“From the eternal connection to the Land of Israel to the Thirteen Principles of Jewish faith to exploring Shabbat, festivals and all things kosher, along with so much more, SAJE is ready to share in a safe and supportive space,” board member Ron Weiser said.

Board member Alex Abulafia said SAJE wanted “all who join the Jewish faith to feel seen in a personal sense and included in a collective sense”.

“The result is that this will never feel like a lonely road to our religion,” he said.

“Of course, Shabbat tables also wait with a warm welcome,” SAJE manager Candice Wermut added. “Learning and laughing will be guaranteed in each class held in a local Jewish adult educational location based in the heart of Bondi.”

Those interested within NSW and all Australasian regions not under the auspices of a local Beth Din are invited to apply.

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