Journeying into Adulthood – Bar/Bat Mitzvah programs

Help your child on an enriching and life-changing bar/bat mitzvah learning journey through one of these unique programs.


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UJEB’s bar and bat mitzvah programs are particularly tailored to students in government schools. These programs enable participants to take their place in the Jewish community as passionate and engaged young men and women. Journey to 13, UJEB’s unique bar mitzvah program, is a six-month program focusing on four themes: community, culture, wellbeing and rites of passage. Weekly sessions include visits from inspiring community figures and organisations.

During UJEB’s year-long bat mitzvah program, girls develop their own emerging identities as young Jewish women. They learn about and experience social action, Jewish history, religion, traditions and culture, as well as their connection to Israel. Through partnerships with Kids in Philanthropy (KiP), the Jewish Museum and the National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (NCJWA), the girls explore the vibrant Jewish world through a variety of lenses. The program culminates in a beautiful ceremony in December. UJEB’s Kulanu Project also offers tailored bar and bat mitzvah programs for students with special needs.

Strive Online Education
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Over four years ago, Hayley Traub and Sharon Branicki, both special education teachers, formed Strive Online Education, which provides affordable online one-on-one tutoring to all students in all year levels. Strive is now expanding into offering online bar mitzvah lessons. Strive’s frequent, short lessons intrinsically allow for retention and understanding of content. “It is so exciting to have the opportunity to bring the success of our approach to bar mitzvah students,” said Hayley. “As teachers we understand the importance of frequency for learning and, as mothers of school-aged children, we understand the importance of
offering bar mitzvah lessons and tutoring that can slot into busy weekly routines.” While traditional bar mitzvah teachers offer 45-60 minute weekly lessons, Strive recommends short 25-minute lessons two to three times a week.

Experienced bar mitzvah teachers conduct all Strive bar mitzvah lessons in real time via video call using digital resources. “Students engage with the interactive resources and find it is a novel experience to be guided by, and connect with, their online bar mitzvah teacher,” added Sharon. Strive’s bar mitzvah teachers are competent and experienced in preparing bar mitzvah boys for their special day. Bar mitzvah boys learn the brachot, maftir, haftarah and any further learning required, and study with the same teacher for all their lessons. “The ongoing cost for traditional bar mitzvah teachers can be prohibitive. At Strive, we aim to significantly reduce parents’ costs while still guaranteeing the same personalised service,” said the founders. A portion of every Strive lesson’s fee is donated to help underprivileged children, and the company is currently giving away a limited number of free introductory lessons.

Twelve Batmi & Thirteen Barmi
Twelve and Thirteen are among the fastest growing bat mitzvah and bar mitzvah programs in Melbourne, offering unique family volunteering experiences to get b’nei mitzvah young people out of their comfort zones and open their eyes to the broader issues facing society. Over 515 families have participated in the year-long volunteering programs since 2015. The programs are designed for all Jewish families, whether they be considered secular, religious or multi-faith. It is about inclusivity, growth and gratitude.

Families take part in tailor-made volunteering experiences that are generally not open to the public, working directly with charitable organisations in the Jewish and wider communities. These include volunteering at homeless centres, women’s shelters, live food banks, disadvantaged school communities, and more. Parents, guardians and carers commit to volunteering with their young person, and enrol in Twelve and Thirteen as equal participants with the b’nei mitzvah group. The monthly volunteering experiences provide a special bonding time for families, and opportunities to reflect on issues in the community together.

Chabad Malvern
Bar/Bat Enrichment Course
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The Chabad Malvern bar/bat mitzvah program is an accredited after-school care program that is authentic, warm and inviting to everyone. Students are guided by Rabbi Reuvi Cooper and Menucha Cooper on lessons about becoming a Jewish man or woman in the 21st century, with plenty of enriching experiences in volunteering, self-exploration, and Jewish learning. At the end of the year, a ceremony is held in synagogue where each student gives a speech and is awarded for their hard work in giving their time and effort towards making their bar/bat mitzvah year special and meaningful. Students are also encouraged to continue their Jewish learning through the shule’s teen leadership programs.

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