‘Let there be light’
A beacon of hope

‘Let there be light’

Windows of a Jewish business shattered on Kristallnacht.
Windows of a Jewish business shattered on Kristallnacht.

SHULES, schools, institutions and homes across Australia are being urged to leave their lights on during the night of November 9 to mark the 82nd anniversary of Kristallnacht.

The illuminated vigil is part of Let There Be Light, an initiative of March of the Living (MOTL), as a global demonstration of solidarity against antisemitism, racism, hatred and intolerance.

Among the many shules around the world which will shine like a beacon on the night of November 9 is the main synagogue of Frankfurt, Germany – one of the few not destroyed on Kristallnacht.

Head of the local Jewish community Professor Dr Salomon Korn said, “Antisemitism and racism threaten our society as a whole, they endanger our values and our democracy. 

“Together we want to send a signal against the increase of antisemitism and hate speech all over the world. We want to raise awareness against growing discrimination and intolerance and bring the light of humanity in these difficult times.” 

As part of this historic Kristallnacht commemoration, people from all over the world are able to add their voices to the campaign. Individuals from all religions and backgrounds are invited to write personal messages of hope in their own words at the campaign website. 

Prayers and messages from the virtual campaign will be projected onto the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.

International MOTL president Phyllis Greenberg and chairman Dr Shmuel Rosenman jointly stated, “We must use our voices to tell the world that attacks on Jews and non-Jews alike – whether on the basis of religion, race, colour or creed – are inexcusable. In the days when synagogues and holy places for various religions are attacked on a regular basis all over the world, it is our duty to speak out loudly and clearly.”

Meanwhile, on November 10 at 11am (AEDT), International MOTL, the Miller Centre for Community Protection and Resilience at Rutgers University, and the Jüdische Gemeinde Frankfurt will present a specially produced Kristallnacht commemoration media event which can be viewed live on the MOTL website. 

To write a message, visit motl.org/let-there-be-light. For details on how your organisation can take part in Let There Be Light, contact Cedric Geffen, cedric@motl.com.au or Matan Franco, admin@motl.com.au. To watch the MOTL media event live, visit motl.org or preregister at motl.org/kristallnacht/.

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