Lt Col (res) Sarit Zehavi – The prospects of Israel having to defend against a multi-fronted attack from Iran’s proxies

Maurice Klein speaks with Lt Col (res) Sarit Zehavi, the founder and President of ALMA, a non-profit and independent research and education center, specializing in Israel’s security issues on Israel’s northern borders. In a briefing three weeks ago, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant warned that the era of “limited conflicts” was ending and “Israel was facing a new security era in which there may be a real threat to all arenas at the same time”. Moving closer to nuclear weapons capacity, the Iranian regime whose goal is total destruction of the State of Israel continues transferring its ideology and massive resources to its anti-Israel proxies all around Israel. As the United States turns its attention away from the Middle East, within the last couple of months seismic shifts have taken place in the Middle East around Israel, with Beijing filling in the diplomatic vacuum and expediently brokering an agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and others. Sarit addresses all these issues and much more, along with detailing some recent personal security events. To follow and support ALMA, please go to www.israel-alma.org and on social media.

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