Michael Zylberman OAM – Warsaw Ghetto Uprising commemorated 80 years on in Poland

Maurice Klein speaks with Michael Zylberman OAM, presenter of the 3ZZZ Yiddish hour. Michael attended the recent Polish Government’s official 80th anniversary commemoration of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, which took place at the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, a monument to the heroes of the Warsaw Uprising. For the first time, the Presidents of  Israel, Poland and Germany all participated in the commemoration, bowing their heads before the memorial to the Jewish insurgents who rather than be slaughtered at the Treblinka extermination camp, chose to bravely fight a mismatched, desperate battle against the Nazi German forces. Germany’s President Steinmeier took responsibility for Germany’s genocide crime. Michael was quite taken by and most impressed with how the people of Warsaw came out to remember.  NEVER AGAIN.

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