Newly elected Liberal MP ‘excited about the journey ahead’

Kellie Sloane has received congratulatory phone calls from members of the Jewish community.

Kellie Sloane (centre) with predecessor Gabrielle Upton and Waverley Councillor Leon Goltsman. Photo: Facebook
Kellie Sloane (centre) with predecessor Gabrielle Upton and Waverley Councillor Leon Goltsman. Photo: Facebook

Kellie Sloane has described her election in Vaucluse on Saturday as “bittersweet”.

“I was tremendously excited to be elected as the new member for Vaucluse, but equally, watching friends and government MPs lose their seats across the state and seeing the tremendous swing towards Labor, it was obviously a disappointing night as well,” the newly elected Liberal MP said.

“But I signed up to be the member for Vaucluse and my overwhelming feeling this week is one of gratitude to the people in the community who voted me in.

“I’m tremendously excited about the journey ahead. And I can’t think of a better job in the world than representing this amazing community.”

While disappointed she won’t be a member of the government, Sloane said sitting on the opposition benches “won’t slow me down”.

“I’m very resourceful. I’ve had years of practice in advocacy. I plan to be a really strong voice for Vaucluse,” she said.

“In some respects, this phase of being in opposition will allow me to be deeply focused on the community with fewer distractions, and I plan to use that time wisely.”

She also paid tribute to her political opponents in the electorate.

“I received notes of congratulations from my independent and Labor opponents, and that was very lovely and thoughtful of them,” she said.

“It was a positive campaign, conducted respectfully, and I think that’s what people expect of politicians.

“Anyone who puts their life on hold to run for public office sacrifices a lot. And you know, I had really strong opponents who did just that, because they loved their community and had ideas. So I have only respect for them.”

She added that she is grateful for the congratulatory phone calls she has received from members of the Jewish community.

“I look forward to having more engagement with the Jewish community. The community was so generous to me in the campaign period,” she said.

“I was welcomed, whether it be to the Jewish Museum or synagogues on Friday night and Saturday services or [to] general organisations caring for our community.

“One of the great joys and delights of being a local member is to continue those friendships and those associations.”

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