Petition against Opera House appearance

"Ms Ford has, among other comments, accused Jewish women of being 'enthusiastic supporters of a murderous regime that has been killing children for over 70 years'", says Kellie Sloane.

Clementine Ford. Photo: Facebook
Clementine Ford. Photo: Facebook

The Sydney Opera House is being urged to reconsider platforming Clementine Ford at this year’s All About Women festival after the controversial author and social media influencer was involved in doxxing 600 Jewish creatives.

Ford has been rabidly anti-Zionist since October 7, sharing anti-Israel content to her substantial following, and was recently portrayed by The Australian as one of the “faces of hatred” that has “no place” in Australia.

She is scheduled to appear at the Opera House on March 10 in a talk and musical performance inspired by her recent book, I Don’t: The Case Against Marriage. She has also co-curated three sessions on the challenges faced by single mothers, the dangers of fast fashion and rethinking mainstream feminism.

Executive Council of Australian Jewry president Daniel Aghion said it’s “baffling” to think that the privilege of appearing at the Opera House should be extended to someone who has “caused such harm and distress to her fellow Australians”.

“Doxxing is a horrific practice with devastating consequences to personal safety and mental health,” Aghion said. “Women have been disproportionately targeted in this doxxing attack and the relentless bullying of women online is a grave issue. We urge the Opera House to reconsider this decision, to meet with the doxxing victims, and to contemplate how this platform may be abused to perpetrate even more damage to our communities and our cohesion.”

Ford justified sharing the link that helped disseminate the details of hundreds of Jewish Australians by saying the group of Jewish creatives was “working to silence voices calling for Palestinian liberation”, adding that they have “actively coordinated to harm others by using threats, defamatory lies and back-channel campaigns”.

A petition expressing “urgent concern” that Ford is being provided a platform by the Opera House, despite her comments since October 7 having a “significantly negative impact on social cohesion and public discourse” in Australia, now has over 6000 signatures.

Member for Vaucluse Kellie Sloane wrote in a letter to the Premier and Arts Minister John Graham that Ford “has a history of being divisive on justice and equality ­issues”, adding that many in the community would feel “uncomfortable” attending the festival.

“Ms Ford has, among other comments, accused Jewish women of being ‘enthusiastic supporters of a murderous regime that has been killing children for over 70 years’. She was also ­exposed for ‘doxxing’ Jewish ­creatives,” Sloane said.

“Ford’s divisive comments are contrary to the festival’s aims, which are supposed to be about justice and equality.”

Ford recently shared to her Instagram stories that she has “never really been concerned about the fallout of what Zionists think of me”.

“I just think they’re monsters, and I pity them for being terrible humans,” she said. “If the Zionists hate you, you’re on the right side of humanity. The projection of any critique of them or their murderous system being antisemitic is manipulative, abusive and dishonest and they can go f**k themselves.”

A spokesperson for the Opera House said Ford has been a regular contributor to the All About Women festival since 2013, but understood why people have raised concerns.

“At this challenging time of conflict and division, we acknowledge the pain many in our community are feeling,” the spokesperson said.

“The Opera House’s talks and ideas program is intended to generate thought, discussion and debate. We understand that not all views, perspectives or sessions will appeal to everyone. The Opera House expects speakers and attendees to be respectful in their actions and conversations at the festival.”

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