Points to consider
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Points to consider

Debbie Noble, managing director and owner of Potters Receptions, offers five points to consider when selecting a wedding venue.

1. Photo opportunities onsite
Photos are one of the most important aspects of your big day, helping you capture all those amazing memories. Needing to travel offsite for your photoshoot can mean losing precious time getting through traffic and waiting for the wedding party to get in and out of cars. If you pick a venue with scenic and photogenic locations onsite, you allow yourself more time for photographs, and for celebrating with family and friends.

2. A choice of ceremony locations
Does your venue offer the flexibility of a plan B? Melbourne’s weather is notoriously fickle, so it is important to make sure you are happy with not only your ceremony location but also the plan B option in case of wet weather on your big day.

3. Help is at hand
Does your venue provide an events coordinator to help during the planning process, as well as on the day of the wedding? If your venue has a coordinator, it is very important to build a great relationship with them as they have intimate knowledge of the venue and their advice will be invaluable to making sure your wedding day runs perfectly, allowing you to relax and enjoy your celebration knowing that you are in safe and trusted hands.

4. Location! Location! Location!
When picking your venue, you need to not only love it yourselves, but you should also think about access for your guests. Is it easy to find? Are there transport options to get home if they want to have a few drinks? Does it have accommodation onsite? Does it have a bridal retreat for the bridal party pre- and post-ceremony?

5. Planning for the unexpected
Something that not many people think about is contingency plans for emergencies, such as power outages. What happens if there is a storm on the night and the venue loses power? Does your venue have a generator? What are some of the venue’s plans should unplanned emergencies occur?

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