NSW Police launch Operation Hammerhead

NSW Police launch Operation Hammerhead

Police have increased their presences in NSW.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione launched Operation Hammerhead today to focus on transport hubs, places where people gather in large numbers, iconic locations and critical infrastructure.

“In NSW you will see an increased police in the days and weeks ahead,” Scipione said.

“We want people to continue to enjoy the freedoms that make our country such a wonderful and harmonious country.”

He said today’s operation, when 800 police officers conducted 25 warrants and 15 people were detained, reflects the reality of the threat the community faces also the strength and capability of the counter terrorism agencies.

“It is of serious concern that in the heart of our community there have been plans to conduct a random attack.

“We know there were plans on foot and we have been able to disrupt that.”

“Our police will continue to work tirelessly to prevent any such attacks but I stress this is a time for calm.”


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