Rabbi Glick: I’m sorry

Rabbi Avrohom Glick.
Rabbi Avrohom Glick.

I feel sick.

I have been pained in the knowledge that during my time as principal that this occurred.

I would like to apologise to the students.

I am not in any way comparing my personal suffering, and I am suffering, to theirs – certainly not.

I don’t mean to suggest that. no one can understand their pain.

I see that many mistakes were made. we should have responded better.

I think that from 2007 we started that process and today things are very very different.

I can say personally how I felt.

I would like to say to the victims:  If there is anything that they feel we should still be doing.

I would value very much the opporutnity to be able to help them to move forward.

I would value that for two reasons – anything that we can do to help them in their healing process, I personally would like to know.

Secondly If i can do anything to help, I think that would help me and my healing process.

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