More leaders to quit following Rabbi Glick’s resignation

Rabbi Avrohom Glick.
Rabbi Avrohom Glick.

RABBI Avrohom Glick stepped down from all positions associated with Melbourne’s Yeshivah Centre last week, including his spot on the Vaad Ruchni (spiritual council) which was personally given to him by the Rebbe’s emissary to Melbourne Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Groner.

Rabbi Glick was principal of Yeshivah College from 1986-2007, during which time there were a number of incidents of child sexual abuse which were not reported to the police.

“At the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse at Yeshivah Centre, I offered a personal and unconditional apology to the victims and explained the various issues and factors involved in whether or not I should resign from the Vaad Ruchni of Yeshivah Centre,” Rabbi Glick said in an email to the community.

At the Commission he stated he would not resign from the council, but following further discussion with his peers, Rabbi Glick changed his mind last week.

“I have decided to resign from all leadership positions that I hold at Yeshivah Centre – the Vaad Ruchni and as a member of the three Yeshivah Centre Associations. I hope that this will bring a measure of comfort to the victims and their families and help them in the healing process.”

A victim of abuse at Yeshivah, known as AVB, welcomed the decision.

“I commend Rabbi Glick for his decision to step down from all positions at Yeshivah Melbourne and for making it clear that his resignation is to allow victim and communal healing to begin,” AVB said.

AVB also wrote an email this week to Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Telsner, senior rabbi of the Yeshivah Centre, calling on him to also step down.

Echoing sentiments expressed at the Royal Commission, AVB told The AJN he remains “dismayed at Rabbi Telsner’s failure to comprehend the damage his words, actions and conduct have had on victims and their families.

“His refusal to take responsibility for his failures is a real roadblock to victims and the community.

“Rabbi Telsner must resign from all communal roles to enable Yeshivah to appoint new leaders and begin to recover and rebuild.”

The AJN understands that two other senior leaders at the Yeshivah Centre have stepped down in the last week and an announcement from Yeshivah was imminent when The AJN went to print.


Rabbi Avrohom Glick.

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