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Reflecting on Mount Scopus’ milestone

“At the heart of Scopus is a community school that connects us all."

Josh Frydenberg. Photo: Facebook
Josh Frydenberg. Photo: Facebook

“As Scopus president, it is my great privilege to lead a school that combines excellent education, outstanding Jewish experiences, opportunities to explore a variety of interests and the awareness of the importance of service to our community.

“At the heart of Scopus is a community school that connects us all. How lucky are we that so many thousands of students have passed through Scopus’ halls and have become the mensches they are today.”

Amy Hershan

President, Mount Scopus College

“I HAVE very fond memories of my time at Mount Scopus when I came in year 7. I remember early morning swimming with Mr Buch, Ray Keane telling us he’d rip our arms out if we didn’t behave in the Rose Hall and of course, going to the shule for early morning service or lining up at the tuckshop. So many fond memories and so many friendships.”

Josh Frydenberg

Former treasurer of Australia

Josh Frydenberg. Photo: Facebook

“I STUDIED pure and applied maths, physics and chemistry at Scopus and was often in classrooms as the only woman.

“I have to say that while I was at school, I was oblivious to the gender issue. I now realise how unusual my experience was, especially in STEM. As a female student at Scopus in the 1970s, I was encouraged to do anything I wanted and believe anything was possible.

“I am immensely grateful for my stellar education. It really set me up for a lifetime love of learning. The school was actually very ahead of its time in many ways.”

Professor Sharon Lewin

Director of the Doherty Institute

Professor Sharon Lewin.

“I GRADUATED from Mount Scopus two years ago after starting my school journey all the way back in prep.

“The main thing I took out of Scopus was the lifelong friendships I created all the way back from when I was younger through to high school. To this day, I still share this special bond with my friends, and it’s something I’ll treasure forever.”

Harry Sheezel

AFL footballer,

North Melbourne Football Club

Harry Sheezel. Photo: Peter Haskin

“I EMERGED with a sense of self; with an innate sense of what my abilities were and what I needed to work on. But having negotiated the corridors of Scopus, I wasn’t intimidated about negotiating the wider world. I knew there would be challenges, but I felt sure about facing them.”

Rachelle Unreich

Author, My Brilliant Life

Rachelle Unreich.
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