Reservist Avi Lewis – “Dear World: I Don’t Care” and more

Reservist Avi Lewis – “Dear World: I Don’t Care” and more

Maurice Klein speaks with Reservist Avi Lewis, Aussie expat now living in Israel, author of “Dear World: I Don’t Care”, published in The Times of Israel Blogs, which has gone viral on social media and translated into many languages. Avi, a family man who works in Israel’s Hi-Tech industry, is part of the massive IDF call-up of Reservists, immediately after the barbaric October 7th pogrom by the Hamas Palestinian Government in Gaza. Whilst on military base Avi, has found some time to pen his thoughts about the events and the outcome of the war that was declared on Israel. He has written several poignant pieces which he takes us through.  Such as “What do you do when your enemy doesn’t play by the rules?”,  “I spent three years living in one of the small Israeli farming communities that bore the brunt of the 7/10 Hamas onslaught”,  “I’ve been nearly 3 weeks in the IDF Reserve Duty and I have never been more hopeful for Israel’s future”, “The best cure for antisemitism is a strong Israel” AND of course “Dear World: I Don’t Care” that Maurice reads after the interview. Yasher Koach and Bless Reservist Avi Lewis and all the IDF. Ein Li Eretz Aheret – I have no other homeland.

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