Residents celebrate together
M by Montefiore

Residents celebrate together

Many residents were meeting each other for the first time after Sydney's COVID-19 lockdown.

Marion and Charles Berelowitz at M by Montefiore.

SIXTY-FIVE M by Montefiore residents came together to celebrate the final night of Chanukah earlier this month.

For many, they were meeting each other for the first time after Sydney was in lockdown between June and October.

Patrick O’Neill, village manager, said, “It has been incredible to see this wonderful, enthusiastic and diverse community grow. The comradery, support and friendship they have all shown in this difficult year is admirable.”

Nearly 80 per cent of the apartments at M by Montefiore are now sold.

Gabbie Budai, general manager client experience, said, “Moving homes and downsizing at any time is a milestone, and achieving this during a pandemic is truly remarkable.”

M by Montefiore emphasises common spaces that encourage connection.

The sense of community is a highlight for resident Merryn who said, “Everyone is welcoming and there’s plenty to do, but you can choose how much or how little to be involved.”

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