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UIA provides an opportunity to fulfil the mitzvah of tzedakah by supporting the people of Israel.

UIA Australia, in partnership with the global Jewish community, works to further the national priorities of Israeli society. Emphasis is placed on advancing weaker communities, such as the elderly, by providing housing at Amigour public and sheltered homes, nurturing youth at risk through projects such as Youth Villages and Youth Futures, encouraging and assisting with aliyah and absorption, and connecting young Diaspora Jews to Israel and Jewish life through programs including Masa.

This year, we have witnessed the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe since WWII, with tens of thousands of Jews being displaced – not only from Ukraine, but also Russia, Belarus and other FSU countries who have sought, and continue to seek, refuge in Israel.

UIA’s strategic partner the Jewish Agency for Israel works tirelessly, rescuing thousands of Jewish refugees, and the global UIA family has generously provided financial support to assist with this emergency operation. Yet, the need continues.

Moving from the emergency phase to the long-term planning phase requires substantial funding to address the demands. UIA is proud to be part of this incredible operation and is continuing to focus on providing these olim with long-term tools to ensure they become productive members of Israeli society. This is evident through the plethora of absorption programs and services provided, such as ulpan Hebrew classes, fast-tracking professional qualifications, mentoring services and integration support.

Your support for these programs, in place of material gifts, will make a lasting impact on many lives and act as a gift that keeps on giving well into the future.

Your generosity will truly fulfil the highest level of tzedakah, allowing others to become self-sufficient and to excel – the greatest gift of all.

Also consider sending a UIA e-card for a simcha, which is a tangible way to honour someone special. E-cards provide a meaningful avenue to mark special occasions including festivals, lifecycle events and many more by donating and making a difference to the people of Israel.

Donations support the many programs funded by UIA and are tax deductible.

Purchase e-cards at uiaaustralia.org.au/e-cards
To support UIA in lieu of gifts, please contact the UIA office on (02) 9361 4273 or info@uiansw.org.au, or visit uiaaustralia.org.au/donate-now


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