Shwekey thrills Aussie audiences

Shwekey thrills Aussie audiences

American Jewish singer Yaakov Shwekey uplifted Aussie audiences with his recent online concert.

Singer Yaakov Shwekey performs in the online concert.
Singer Yaakov Shwekey performs in the online concert.

AUSTRALIA’S Jewish community enjoyed an uplifting performance from world famous singer Yaakov Shwekey during Chol Hamoed Succot.

The online event, which was live-streamed from New York, also featured US businessman, television personality and motivational speaker Charlie Harary and a magic show by Luigi Zucchini.

With Sydney and Melbourne in lockdown, Shwekey dedicated songs to the children and families who are staying strong during these lonely and difficult times.

Magician Luigi Zucchini.

A highlight of the performance was Shwekey’s emotional rendition of Shema Yisroel as well as Harary’s heartfelt message that this Succot in Australia represented the original and true message of Succot being vulnerability, faith and belief.

Motivational speaker Charlie Harary.

“The joy and unity was felt and seen by the overwhelming positive response and heartfelt messages we received after the show,” said Sydney’s shul’s Rabbi Chaim Levy, who organised the event.

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