Suzi Smeed – Courage to Care: The inspiring memoir of a young Jewish girl swept up in the Hungarian Holocaust

Maurice Klein speaks with Suzi Smeed, who was just two years old when her family was swept up in the Hungarian Holocaust as the Nazis stormed into Budapest with the goal to round up all the Jews and freight them off to Auschwitz for extermination. Suzi and her parents escaped death several times at the hands of both the Nazis, followed by the Russians who liberated Hungary in April 1945 and then imposed their own brutal communist oppression. For the past five years Suzi has been working with the very important organisation Courage To Care, going out to schools and more, teaching future generations about the lessons of the Holocaust. Suzi has now put pen to paper writing her memoir “The Courage To Care” which is available on Amazon. “Candid and Compelling, Extraordinary and Courageous” – Alan Jones AO radio broadcaster and TV presenter. Yasher Koach Suzi Smeed.  For more information on the BB Courage To Care program go to:

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